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Cost & Profitability Analysis

Cost & Profitability Analysis

Your revenue stream and cost management are two key data metrics that directly determine your profitability. In Linen Tech our system is constantly analyzing them and presenting you with reports that help you make key stretigic management decisions.

Finally complete insight ! Linen Tech gives you real-time information into every important aspect that measures the performance of your laundry. Our system is designed with emphasis on costs and profitability associated with your processes, products and customers.

Imagine, your cost of labor went up a cent without you noticing. If you are processing half a million lbs a month that accounts for sixty thousand dollars increase in cost per year. What if your most profitable customer in terms of profit margin is generating the least amount of business, won't you want to increase your business with him? . It is end of the financial quarter, it would be great to run a comparison report with last quarter or perhaps the same quarter last year and analyze if your business with your customers has increased or decreased. It would also be essential to review if your expenses related to production have increased or decreased.


Linen Tech maintains a comprehensive check on your cost performance The system takes account of all types of cost including production (labour, energy etc.) Management costs, and all Other business costs(Depreciation, Amortization) etc. and sees if they are increasing per pound of production or decreasing over a period of time. The system will be update you with any unexpected increase in costs in proportion to production.

The system also keeps a check on direct production costs per pound processed and updates you with any unexpected change.

Turnover and profitability

Linen Tech gives you priceless insight into your revenue stream and profitability. It gives you revenue breakdown for each customer down to their departments and items you processed for them. The software provides you a clear picture on weather your revenue from customer has been increasing or decreasing over a period of time. It also gives you a revenue breakdown for all your products and shows you how that revenue stream has fluctuated over a period of time.

The software also provides you invaluable information on your most lucrative customer in terms of profit margin per pound processed. The system does this by calculating your cost of production per pound and the revenue per pound from each customer. This information can be particularly useful if you are not generating enough business from the customers that are providing you with highest profit margins.


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