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Orders Management & Linen Rentals

Orders Management & Linen Rentals

If you are in the Linen Rentals or Linen Hire business Linen Tech is the perfect software solution for you. With Linen Tech you can save your customer orders (one time or recurring), fill and deliver orders as per customer requirements, create delivery manifests, invoices etc. With Linen Tech you can also view the order processing & delivery status, create delivery routes, view delivery schedule, and create production plans and so much more.

The Orders management module allows your staff to fill customer orders and create delivery manifests for each order processed. Through Linen Tech you can invoice the customers individually for every shipment or collectively for multiple shipments.

If for some of your customers you do not have preset orders, but rather you just refill the items that have been used by the customer, Linen Tech mobile app allows you to create and fill orders while on the customer location. You can then generate a delivery manifest and invoice while at the customer location. The system also allows you to enter all the soiled linen items you picked from the customer.

Through Linen Tech's customer portal you can also allow your customers to place orders through your website. The customers can also login to this customer portal to view the current status of orders along with the previous order history.

Linen Tech's shipped items/weight report enables you to view all items processed and shipped to each of your customer. Linen Tech also allows you to create your delivery manifests and invoices on desktop, smart phone or tablet using a user friendly touch screen interface.

Features for Linen Rental & Linen Hire business

  • Touch screen user interface to enter customer orders, create delivery manifests and invoices.
  • Customer portal designed for your customers to enter orders directly in your system.
  • Always have an updates on status of all your customer orders.
  • Setup order delivery schedule for your customers.
  • Plan your productions based on customer orders.
  • Detailed reports on all items processed and shipped to your customers with daily monthly or weekly breakdowns.
  • Maintain proper inventory of all your Linen items.
  • Review the items that are high in demand versus low moving items.
  • Always know your highest revenue generating customers and items.
  • Onsite orders and invoicing for customers.
  • Electronic proof of service with signature capture on manifests and invoices.


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