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Linen Tracking & Shipping Management

With Linen Tech you can keep a track of every item you have processed for and shipped to your customers. Using our beautiful touch screen interface... view details

Billing, Invoicing & Other Financials

Linen Tech has a unique billing and invoicing system designed specifically for industrial & commercial laundries. You can completely automate accounting... view details

Orders Management & Linen Rentals

If you are in the Linen Rentals or Linen Hire business Linen Tech is the perfect software solution for you. With Linen Tech you can save your customer orders... view details

Cost and Profitability Analysis

Your revenue stream and cost management are two key data metrics that directly determine your profitability. In Linen Tech our system is constantly analyzing them... view details

Inventory Management

Minimize your linen losses by using Linen Tech's inventory manager. Maintain a complete track of all your incoming and outgoing linen. Linen Tech's customized... view details

Laundry Customer Portal

In order to ensure complete transparency you can allow your customers access to their reports through Linen Tech's customer portal. The customer portal... view details

Employee Management and Labor productivity

Production employees are literally the backbone of any commercial laundry and their management can be somewhat... view details

Custom Reporting for all Departments

The core focus of Linen Tech is to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your laundry. With Linen Tech's extensive... view details

Route Management

The Route Management System in Linen Tech is designed to optimise your Linen pick up and delivery operations while reducing your delivery routing costs... view details

Smart App

With the Linen Tech Smart mobile app for managers, you can now have access to all the key laundry data and reports on your mobile device...view details

Linen Tech Driver App

With Linen Tech’s Driver app, the laundry drivers have access to various features that help laundry managers streamline and optimise their pick up... view details

Customization Options

With Linen Tech we provide our customers various customization options to meet their exact business requirements. This customization can...view details


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